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What Is IDX?

IDX Basics

What is IDX?

  • Internet Data Exchange – a.k.a. Broker Reciprocity
  • NAR Standard since 2002
  • Enables a searchable list of MLS properties to display on the public Internet

Why is it so valuable?

  • IDX is for the Public – it is what people want to see when they visit a real estate website
  • The #1 reason someone visits a real estate site is to find Listings
    • If a visitor does not find listings on your site, they will go someplace else
  • 75% of home sales begin with an Internet Search. People who use the Internet:
    • Are more likely to use an Agent when ready to buy
    • Traditionally spend more money on a property
    • Will usually work with the first Agent they contact

MyAgentHost IDX vs. Generic IDX

IDX Search Page Comparison

MyAgentHost IDXidx search Generic IDXmahidx 2
  • No pop-ups or links to competitors sites
  • You control the entire design of the page
  • Your name and brand are prominent
  • Search fields are customized for your local market
  • Includes ads for other real estate sites
  • Includes pop-ups for other sites and services
  • Nothing is customizable
  • Nothing has your name brand

Property Flyer Comparison

MyAgentHost IDXmahidx property flyer Generic IDXmahidx prop flyer 2
  • Never includes an advertisement or pop-up
  • Multiple ways to contact YOU
  • Customized with pictures, tours, descriptions
  • Still more Ads
  • Multiple links to contact another Agent
  • No customization

The Big Picture

MyAgentHost IDX works with your existing Online Marketing Campaigns to maximize your Website and your Business

  1. Drive traffic to your site with Lead Generation and other marketing efforts
  2. Present your visitor with a well designed site fully branded with your name and offerings
  3. Capture the Lead by providing searchable listings, Email Updates, Property Organizers and more
  4. Stay in constant contact with all your leads with Automated Email Updates
  5. Drive your business by Converting Lead to Customers

MyAgentHost IDX Features:

  • Your Listings – always current, always accurate, sent directly from your MLS
  • Automated Email Updates – the best way to keep leads warm. Subscribers receive daily emails informing them of new properties that match their saved search criteria
  • Subscriber Management – keep close tabs on your leads and provide them with a Property Organizer tool that will further their loyalty to you
  • Property Management – simple tools for adding information, pictures, tours, etc. for all your properties – including sold/pending and supplemental
  • Open House Information – easily added for any property. Information is automatically removed when dates have passed so your site stays current
  • Valuation Request – a form for sellers to contact you to receive an estimated value of their home
  • Featured Listings – highlight your own properties with a Featured Listing page and Slide-Show
  • Schedule a Showing – visitors can contact you directly about seeing a property right away
  • Map-Based Search Results – if desired, the list of search results can include a map with a flag for each property on the list
  • Agent Management – for large offices or brokerages, Office and Agent management is available

MyAgentHost IDX Backend

  • Flexible. With our IDX, you have your own full featured Back-End Admin Site. Subscriber management allows you to keep tabs on all subscriber activity. Listing management allows you to add photos, tours, descriptions, and Open House information to any property. Other back-end tools include Agent/Office management, Design/Branding Setup, and Reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Why should I pay for this IDX system when I can get something free from my Board?
    • Answer: Generic IDX is not brandable, includes links to other sites and is not customized for any individual agent. It is designed for ALL agents and represents all interests. You are wasting money if you’re investing in a website and marketing, but offering tools that don’t promote your name and brand and don’t offer Lead Capture.
  • Question: Why should I choose MyAgentHost over another IDX provider?
    • Answer: Other IDX providers offer a comparatively “stripped down” set of website tools. One provider may offer some tools and another may offer other tools, but only MyAgentHost provides a comprehensive tool set. Other providers may seem to charge less, but they will quickly tack-on extra charges for usage or “special” features. MyAgentHost includes all features in your package with no hidden charges.
  • Question: what is this really going to add to my site?
    • Answer: MyAgentHost isn’t just about adding listings to your site. The tools provide a full Lead Capture Solution allowing you to stay in continuous contact with your leads, constantly updating them and exposing them to your name and brand. You can track all your subscriber activity so that you always know who is still browsing and who is getting ready to make a move. Listing management allows you to maximize your own listings with minimum effort.