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Virtual Private Office

What is a Virtual Private Office? It is your own server, dedicated to your brokerage. Our VPO plan offers:
1. Security
Don’t trust your information to a shared hosting provider where they are sharing your space with potentially hundreds of other users. Maybe even your competitors!
2. Control
Your server can be configured to your specific needs, and we can install any application you would like to run on your server including your Web Site, IDX, Email, Customer Relationship Management, Calendaring, Groupware, Document Management, etc.
3. Management
This is a fully managed solution. That means we take care of everything from software updates to security patches to adding new users.
4. Reliability
Your VPO will be hosted using the latest in virtualization technology. What this means for you is that we are able to backup, upgrade, or evern re-locate your server account with no downtime.